World Championship Snooker Qualifier Match Odds

A full day of snooker action is scheduled for tomorrow, for there are loads of World Championship matches that are going to be played off at various times on Wednesday and that means a plethora of betting opportunities on each of those matches too.

I do think it will be worth your time and effort however getting over to the Paddy Power betting site for that way you are going to find every possible type of snooker bet being offered to you at some betting odds you will find too hard to resist, such as on the matches I have highlighted below.

On quite tricky match that is going to be one of the very first qualifiers tomorrow to try and make sense of from a  betting point of view is the Mark Joyce vs Billy Joe Castle match and it will be at 10 am that match will be in play, as for which player is going to win it, well you will of course have to try and work that out, however with Joyce being the 3/10 favourite there is a good chance he will win that match bit the same could also be said so Billy Joe Castle whose win odds at Paddy Power are 11/5.

Higginson Should Beat Cahill

Having spent quite some time I do admit trying to sniff out the best value on the World Championship qualifiers that are being played out tomorrow, there is one match that should go the way of the favourite and will be a match worth betting on too.

It is the Andrew Higginson vs James Cahill match that I for one will certainly be betting on and my money is going on Higginson to win that match, for that is exactly what he should go on to do and his win odds at Paddy Power for reference are 1/3 with the odds available on Cahill being 23/10, for those of you that are interested.

Consider Placing an Acca Bet

It’s a fair bet that most or possibly even all of the favourite snooker players to win their respective matches tomorrow could go on to do so and that means that savvy punters will be backing several players all in one accumulator type of bet and that is possibly something you are considering doing.

If that is the case then allow be me give you  couple of other matches and the names of the players that are expected to win those matches, starting with the Peter Ebdon vs Harvey Chandler match, as far as that match goes it is Ebdon at 1/16 that should win it with Chandler being offered at huge odds of 17/2 to win that match which does give you an idea of the way the match is expected to end!

A red-hot certainty to win his match tomorrow has to be Gary Wilson for if he doesn’t win his match tomorrow at his odds of 1/40 against Sanderson Lam then the is something very wrong with him!

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