Will Boris Johnson be the Next Prime Minister?

Looking through the list of contenders to become the next Prime Minister of the UK that you will find on the Novelty and Politics betting markets of most betting sites, you will see that the favourites to do so are all members of the Conservative Party.

However, the seventh person listed on those betting markets to become the next PM of the UK is no other than the Labour Party Leader, that being Jeremy Corbyn.

His odds of becoming PM are ridiculously low considering that there would have to be a General Election before the Tories vote in a new PM for him to ever have the chance of becoming Prime Minster next, and the chances of that are tiny, however you can back Corbyn if you think there will be a General Election and he will win before the Tories vote in a new leader and therefore a new Prime Minister at odds of 20/1.

As far as just where the smart money is going on this betting market, well most punters think that despite his buffoonery and general outlook on life, it will be Boris Johnson that does take the top job and his odds of being the next UK Prime Minster, once Theresa May finally leaves Number 10 are around the 13/8 mark.

Second Favourite Person to Become PM

The gloves really are going to come off very shortly, and there are plenty of people who do think they have a very fair and reasonable chance of getting the support to become the next Prime Minister, and that does of course mean with plenty of contenders there are going to be some decent and high odds attached to some of them.

The second favourite person to become the next Prime Minister of the UK is no other than Dominic Raab, and he does look like a standout and solid bet based on his odds being 4/1 right now!

Other Possibilities

The next person in the betting is one person that I am convinced has no possible chance of becoming the next Prime Minister of the UK, and that person is Michael Gove, he is one of those people you either love or hate, but at  5/1 I think those odds are way to low!

One man that may get a surprisingly high number of votes from fellow MP’s is Jeremy Hunt and if you are looking for a contender to become the next PM of the UK who is available at what are overpriced odds right now, then you should consider placing a bet on him as his odds are very attractive currently at 12/1.

A couple of other people that are going to attract a little bit of support, but whose realistic chance of becoming the next Prime Minister are fairly low are Rory Stewart who is very easy to back at win odds of 16/1 and also never overlook the chances of Andrea Leadsom  who can be backed at odds of 18/1 today.

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