Who Will Win the Sheffield Shield in 2019?

There is always some value to be had by savvy punters who make the wise decision of making use of the futures betting markets available at different betting sites. If you are prepared to bet early on any sporting events and spent some time comparing just what odds on any events you fancy placing a bet on then you will always be able to lock in the very best value from your betting activities.

The Sheffield shield is of course the domestic cricket competition that is played over in Australia, and whilst there are only six teams involved in that competition, it is fair to say that it is one that any team could win and may just win.

Therefore, with such a small field of runners so to speak the odds on offer, much more sure right now, as there is no definitive red hot favourite to win it are quite fair, and today I will give you an overview of just what odds you can secure on those six teams.

The team that the bookies feel is going to win the Sheffield Shield and as such ifs the team with the lowest future betting market odds, is Victoria and if you place your bets over at the Coral betting site they are going to give you odds of 6/4 on Victoria winning.

Second, Third and Fourth Favourites

Make no mistake about it though, there are no guarantees that Victoria are going to be the Sheffield Shield title winners next year, and as such it may just pay dividends for you to consider backing one of the other fancied teams.

If that is something that you do fancy doing then you can back Western Australia at odds of 3/1, New South Wales certainly have a mighty fine chance of winning and that is reflected in their current 4/1 win odds at the Coral betting site, and it is Queensland who are the third favourite to win this competition and the best odds I have found on them doing so are once again available at Coral and those odds are 5/1.

Final Two Teams

You are probably only going to fancy backing the final two cricket teams that are competing for the Sheffield Shield if you are an avid fan of either team for their odds are high but their realistic chances of winning are low!

The first of those team teams is Tasmania and if you are convinced that they are going to perform well and win the Sheffield Shield then now could be a good time to place a bet on them as Coral are going 9/1 on them doing so.

It is South Australia that has the honour of being the least fancied team to win this domestic Australian cricket competition, but once again it is up to you and you alone as to whether you do take the odds on offer on the Coral futures betting market, but if they do play well I doubt those odds are going to be as high as the ones they are currently at, that being 20/1!

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