Week 15 NFL Money Lines

It’s that time of the week when I like to take a look over the upcoming NFL matches, and as such please allow me to present to you the best NFL money lines for week 15 of the season. The odds presented to you on each of the teams listed below are currently available at BetFred, who are famed for their enhanced NF money line odds.

One match that should be worth betting on will be in play on the 14th of December 2018 and that is the match with a UK starting time of 01:20 and is the Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs match.

Looking at the form of both teams it should be the Chargers that come out on top in that match and the odds available right now on them doing so at BetFred are 8/15. However, if you have the opposite point of view and this it will be the Chiefs that come out on top you can secure win odds on them of 6/4.

There is also a match in play on the 15th of December 2018 and that is the match that will be kicking off at 21:30 UK time and is the Houston Texans vs. New York Jets match, it is hard to see the Texans winning that match and as such the smart money is already pouring in on the Jets to win that match at odds of 4/11!

16th of December 2018 NFL Matches

It should be the Cleveland Browns that win their match against the Denver Broncos and their odds of doing so are 8/13, and it could be worth perming that team together with the Oakland Raiders who are expected to beat Cincinnati Bengals at very reasonable odds of 4/6.

One team that are very short odds-on to win on the 16th of December are the Arizona Cardinals who are available at 2/9 to beat their opponents that day who are Atlanta Falcons. In the Washington Redskins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars match you can also get 3/10 on the Redskins winning that match which they are expected to do by the way!

There are plenty of other teams that should win this coming week and in the Tennessee Titans vs. New York Giants a slight preference is for the Giants to win that match and if you act quickly you should be able to secure win odds on them of 6/5 at BetFred.

If you are planning on placing an Acca bet you should also consider backing the Dallas Cowboys at odds of 4/6 as they should easily beat the Indianapolis Colts, also make sure you back the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in such a bet as they should; beat the Baltimore Ravens at odds of 1/4.

I would also include the Detroit Lions in your Acca bet at odds of 7/10 as there is no doubt in my mind they should beat the Buffalo Bills and in the Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears match it is the packers who should in that match at odds of 2/5!

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