VTB United League Outright Betting Update

Not many online or mobile betting sites are offering odds right now on the teams that make up the VTB United League, however over at 10Bet you can place a bet on just which of those basketball teams in that league you think it going to be crowned the champions.

The odds, as you will find out below, will give you a very clear indication as to just which teams punters are backing and which teams the odds compilers at 10Bet think have the very best chance of coming out on top and winning the title.

As for the basketball team that has certainly been attracting the most support and interest from punters, will it is of course CSKA Moscow, and currently their outright win odds are low, but their chances of winning that league have never been higher and as such they are 2/17 favourite to win.

You may however be of the mind that it won’t be CSKA Moscow that will be crowned the champions of the VTB United League at the end of this season, and if that is the case you may fancy backing the second favourite, and if that is then it will be BC Khimki Moscow you should be backing right now, and their win odds for reference are high at 9/1.

Basketball Teams with a Slight Chance of Winning

It’s probably very fair to say that it will be one of the two teams listed up above that are going to be the winner of this basketball league at the end of the season, but there are a few teams that have an ever so slight chance of being that winning.

As for just which teams they are and what odd you are going to be able to secure on each of them well it is the likes of Unics Kazan who are very easy to back at odds of 14/1 and also Lokomotiv Kuban at 16/1 that have a chance of winning the title, albeit a small one!

Huge Odds on all other Teams

You will be placing what could best be described as some very high risk bets if you think that any of the other teams in the league are going to win and then set about backing them with your own hard earned cash.

However, as long as betting site such as 10Bet are offering odds on any team there is a chance they could in the title and with that in mind let me now give you some ideas of just which basketball teams are the rank outsiders.

You have teams such as BC Zenit Saint Petersburg at 40/1 and also Astana at 80/1, but then the odds jump into three figures on the remaining teams those being Avtodor Saratov who are 125/1, VEF Riga at 200/1, BC Nizhny Novgorod at 250/1 or you would back both Enisey Krasnoyarsk and BC Parma Perm at odds of 400/1 or back the rank outsiders at odds of 500/1 and they are Stelmet BC Zielona Gora, BC Kalev/Cramo and Tsmoki Minsk.

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