Updated Premier League Top Goalscorer Betting

If you want a welcome distraction from betting on the Grand National, then keep in mind that there are plenty of football betting opportunities available to you right now, one of which is to try and name the player in the Premier League that is going to score the most goals this current season.

That may be easier than picking out a horse to win the Grand National, for let’s face it the current score rate of players in the Premier League does indicate there are only a small handful of players that could win the title as the top goalscorer this season.

The smart money has been lumping in on Sergio Aguero and if you do fancy his very obvious chances then you better get a move on for, I doubt the current odds of 11/8 that are available over at the Betfred betting site are not going to be around for very much longer.

Moving onto another player that certainly is up there are the possible top goalscorer this season, that is Mohamed Salah and there has been quite a bit of support for him, which has resulted in bookies cutting his odds down to around the 11/4 mark.

Harry Kane is Also in the Running

There are four more players that as far as I’m concerned are the only other ones that could score the most goals in the Premier League this season, and the next one in the betting is Harry Kane and if you are quickly you may still be able to get odds on him of 7/2.

Then next in the betting and the current fourth favourite is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and he is a solid bet at odds of 6/1, there is a slim chance that players such as Sadio Mane could rattle in loads of goals for the rest of the season and his odds are 10/1, and the final player in with any type of chance is Raheem Sterling who is a longshot to be honest at odds of 22/1.

Double and Triple Digit Odds

If for one reason or another you are of the mind that any other players not yet mentioned are going to score the most goals this season in the Premier League then I urge you to back them at Betfred, for by doing so you are going to be guaranteed of getting some very hefty odds on your chosen player or players.

Take for example both Alexandre Lacazette and Jamie Vardy if you like the look of their chances then you will be rewarded with odds of 66/1 and you can also get even higher odds of 66/1 on the likes of Romelu Lukaku, Raul Jimenez and Eden Hazard.

Then there is no end of players all now available at 100/1 shots and they include Callum Wilson, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, Son Heung-min and Richarlison. Plus, Betfred do have odds on plenty of other players too, and their respective odds are going to be even higher than 100/1, so feel free to take a look over their betting sites sooner rather than later.

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