Upcoming NBA Matches

For those of you out there that are avid fans of NBA and those who always love nothing more than betting on NBA matches, then on the 31st of this month you are going to be pleased to hear that there are several matches planned.

In fact, by getting yourself over to the Coral Sportsbook you will find they have plenty of betting markets up and running on each of the basketball matches being played that day, and to be fair to them the odds they are offering on several teams to win are outstanding.

However, when you do take a look at some of those basketball matches it will soon become apparent to you that some teams are red hot favourites to win them in fact it would be a major shock if some teams didn’t win their upcoming matches.

One team that does spring to mind for example is MIA Heat, and on the 31ts of January they are going to be playing against the CHI Bulls, and it is a match that the Heat should win with their collective eyes closed but as you would expect their odds of winning that match are tiny at just 1/7.

NY Knicks v DAL Mavericks

You are of course free to perm any number basketball teams together in an accumulator type of bet if you think each team are going to win, and the more teams you do put in to such a bet the bigger your potential winning payout will be.

Therefore allow me to give you an insight into the way that the NY Knicks v DAL Mavericks match should end, in fact over at the Coral betting site you only have to take a look at the odds on both of those two teams, which are 2/1 and 5/12 respectively to see for yourself which team is expected to win that match

The Nuggets Look a Fair Bet

Also being played on the 31st of this month is the match between NO Pelicans and the DEN Nuggets and that match does look like it could go to either team to be honest, and as such many of you out there are bound to have a different opinion as to who will win that match.

The odds are always going to be the best indicator of the way that most bookies think any NBA match will end and as far as this match goes they are offering odds of 27/10 on the Pelicans winning and odds of 5/17 on the Nuggets coming out on top.

One additional match that could be worth checking out, is the match between the WAS Wizards and the IND Pacers, now that match is going to be a very close run thing for there isn’t much separating either team in the betting, with the Wizards currently being offered over at the Coral online and mobile sportsbook at odds of 20/21 and the odds on the Pacers being 20/23, which are a fair set of odds for sure!

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