UFC 236 Latest Betting Markets

Betting on tonight’s UFC 236 has already started and if you are planning on watching any of those bouts and are planning on placing a few bets here and there, then below I will be giving you a few pointers as to just where the smart money is going.

Do keep in mind obviously, you will of course need to find  betting site that is going to give you a decent set of odds on each and every single fighter you fancy having a financial interest in, and as such you shouldn’t go far wrong bet betting over at the BetFred betting site!

If an evening watch UFC is something that you are planning on having tonight then it is the 23:15 staring time bout that you will be able to watch first tonight and looking at the betting market on that match at BetFred I it is hard to see any other result than Davis winning, his odds are 4/7 and his opponent this evening is Costa who is very easy to back at odds of 11/8.

I you are prepared to back the favourites to win their respective bouts tonight at odds-on then in the bout that starts at 23:45 that being the Mueller v Botelho but you shouldn’t be backing Mueller for his win odds are 11/8, and it should be Botelho that you are piling into financially as his win odds are 4/7.

Very Early Morning Bouts on the 14th of April

The 00:15 Jackson v Soukhamthath bout will probably be worth watching but not betting on for with Jackson expected to very easily win that bout his win odds are not worth taking, being as they are 1/6!

I would suggest you take a look over the 00:45 Millender v Muhammad instead the above one if you are planning betting on any upcoming IFC 236 bouts that are scheduled overnight tonight for the odds on the former fighter are 11/10 and on the latter fighter are 8/11 and as such the favourites’ odds are much better valued odds of course!

Other Fighters that Should Win Tomorrow

There are loads of other bouts starting in the early hours of Sunday and the 01:15 Salmon v Taha bout is one worth betting on and you will be best advised to back Salmon to win for his win odds are 4/6 and most punters are of the mindset that he will come out on top and win that bout!

The 01:45 Griffin v Imadaev bout should go the way of Imadaev and his odds are also worth taking being as he is the 4/5 favourite to win it, and the favourite is also expected to win in the  02:15 Reis v Pantoja bout, and that favourite whose odds over at the BetFred betting site ate 8/13 is Pantoja and in the 02:45 Turner v Frevola bout the 4/5 win odds on offer on Turner are way overly generous in my option so bet on him is my advice and mop up those high odds!

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