Try Your Luck on the Irish Lotto

There is of course no skill involved in betting on the Irish Lotto, for it will be down to luck and luck alone as to whether you do manage to pick out any of the numbers that are drawn on that twice weekly lottery.

But there will be some skill needed when it comes to you picking out just where to place such bets if you do fancy trying your luck on the Wednesday night or Saturday night draw as the odds available at different betting sites can and do vary.

The savviest punters however are those that place such bets over at the Ladbrokes betting site in fact when you coupe the high odds they odd offer on all number bets on the Irish Lotto with their huge valued sign up bonus if you haven’t yet sign up to that betting site but do so right now you could get off to a flying start, and can win big when placing lottery related bets too.

If betting on the Irish Lotto is appealing to you all that you need to do is to pick one to five of the numbers that you think will be drawn out of the lottery machine, decide whether or not to include the bonus number and then decide just how much you wish to bet, it really is as simple as that!

Biggest Odds Betting without the Bonus Ball

For reference there are just forty seven numbers that are in play on the Irish Lotto and the biggest odds available are when you do not include the bonus ball in your bets.

The odds on offer do get higher in value depending on just how many number you pick and match and your stakes will be boosted by x7, x54, x701, x7200 and x125000 if you pick out and match one, two, three, four or all five numbers respectively.

Bet with the Bonus Ball Included

It will of course be much easier to pick out one to five number when there are seven numbers rolling out of the Irish Lotto machine as opposed to just six of them, and as such the odds when you place such a bet and include the bonus ball are slightly lower than when the bonus ball isn’t taken into account.

So if you do fancy betting on the Irish Lotto but want to have the bonus ball included then when you pick just one number and it is one of the six main number so the bonus ball your stake is boosted by x6 its value, which increases to x39 if you correctly predict two numbers.

The payout multiplier you are going to be rewarded with if you pick out three numbers from the first six main numbers and the bonus ball are x376, which becomes an even higher x3800 for four correct numbers predicted and a huge x40000 stake multiplier is paid out to those punters who correctly predict five numbers from any of the first six and/or the bonus ball.

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