Top Tips for the Snooker World Cup 2019

Looking over the early betting markets on this years Snooker World Cup, there are no real clues as to just which teams many just be worth backing, for several teams are currently heading the betting markets at similar odds.

The teams that most bookies think do have the best chance of winning that major snooker tournament this year are England, wh0o by the way many bookies have installed as the early 3/1 favourites and also Wales and Scotland who are not too far away with their win odds those odds being 4/1.

What you should try and do is to take a look over the betting exchange on offer at sites like Betfair if you do want to place any number of bets on the outright winner betting  market for this snooker tournament, as you may just find some much bigger odds being offered to you by users of that betting site.

Two teams that you should not get mixed up when placing such a bet however are the China A who are 5/1 and the China B team for their win odds are double that of the China A team those odds being 10/1, which are the same as the odds on offer on Thailand.

Best Each-Way Betting Terms

Even though there are quite a number of different teams that are taking place in the Snooker World Cup tournament this year, do not expect to find the same type of each-way betting terms that are for example on offer on golf tournaments.

In fact, having hunted around this morning and having compared the each-way betting terms and several different betting sites, you will find the generally available each-way betting terms and one half the win odds being paid out to just two places., and I haven’t come across any bookies that are paying out a higher percentage of the win odds or to three or more places either, but do spend a little bit of time trying to find better terms as you may just find a bookie that does offer you even more each-way betting value.

Teams at Much Higher Odds

Those teams that could be worth backing each-way include the likes of Northern Ireland, for they must have an outstanding chance of doing well this year thanks in no small part to the experienced players that make up that team., and their win odds for reference are 16/1.

A case could also be made from three other team who are on offer at double digit odds as opposed to the triple digital odds that are being offered on all other teams, and the teams that are still up for grabs at double digit odds include Republic Of Ireland who are 20/1, Belgium at 22/1 and surprisingly Iran at 25/1

Just so you know the next team in the betting is Cyprus, but their chances like the rest of the teams that I haven’t mentioned are tiny of winning this event and that is something that you will soon discover when you find out their outright winner odds are massive at 100/1.

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