This Weekends American Football Matches

There are some American Football matches that are going to be in play next Saturday and Sunday, all of which are going to be appealing to punters from a betting point of view. I say that as there are some teams playing in those matches that have an outstanding chance of winning.

If you haven’t yet bet on American Football matches then be aware that you are faced with a range of different betting opportunities when betting at sites like Quinnbet, however it is the outright winner betting markets most punters will fancy betting on.

As for matches that will be in play on Saturday the 5th of January 2019, the match of the day is the Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans match, it is in fact the only match that day UK time, and as far as just what odds you can get on that match the Colts are currently trading at odds of 21/20 and you can get 3/4 on the Texans.

If you are trying to work out which team has the best chance of winning, then many punters and fans of American Football are of the mind that it will be the Colts that are going to win that match quite divisively, so maybe it is that team you should be backing at those odds.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Dallas Cowboys

Moving onto the match between the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys, well that match will be in play on Sunday the 6th of January and it is a match that is a fairly close one and it is fairly hard to predict just which team will win that match.

However, when you take all things into account, and look at the odds associated and attached to both teams the Seahawks are on offer at odds of even money, but as Far as the team I personally fancy to win well that team are the Cowboys who look a rock solid bet at odds of 4/5.

Other Matches in Play This Coming Sunday

I doubt it will be the Los Angeles Chargers that will win against the Baltimore Ravens, the former named team are available however at odds of 21/20, so they are sure to attract a fair bit of support on the betting markets, however I think all things consider that it will be the Chargers that should come out on top in that match at their odds of 8/11.

As for the way the betting is going on the match between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears, that is certainly a one-sided affair and it looks like most punters and betting site odds compilers agree too.

As for the odds available on both teams well the outsiders that being the Eagles are very easy to back as their 15/8 win odds do show, and it is the Bears that is attracting the smart money and the most support on the early betting markets and their odds if you are quick are around the 2/5 mark.

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