Team Mercedes a Fair Bet to Win the Monaco Grand Prix

When it comes to betting on races such as the Monaco Grand Prix, the two betting markets that do tend to get the most attention from punters are the name the driver to win the race betting market and the name the team to win betting market too.

I will leave it up to you to decide just which of those two betting markets you fancy betting on, if at all, however today I want to quickly run through the odds that you are going to be able to secure on the team betting market.

I will be using the current set of odds being offered by the BetFred betting site for this betting news story, and as such if you do like the look of any of the following sets of odds attached to each team taking part in the Monaco Grand Prix then that is the bookie you should be betting at to secure those odds.

It is team Mercedes that are standing out like a beacon at all betting sites on the name the driver betting markets, for they are the short odds-on favourite to win the Monaco Grand Prix and the odds you will be able to get on them doing so right now are 3/10.

Red Bull Second Favourite Team to Win

There is of course always the chance that any other team could go on to win the Monaco Grand Prix but looking at the way punters have been backing Mercedes they are the team most sports bettors have been backing early.

However, there is of course a second favourite and that team are Red Bull, and to be fair to BetFred they are offering some true valued odds on that team winning, for they have them chalked up at odds of 9/4, and that is the value bet on that race right now!

Odds on All Other Teams

As for just how high the odds on the rest of the teams taking part in the Monaco Grand Prix, well there are some mega sized odds and some fairly low odds on each of the other teams, such as Ferrari who are trading at or around the 7/1 mark, and as such are the third favourites to win.

If you think that this year it is going to be the Renault team or the Haas team that are going to come out on top and win, then make no mistake about it, you should be placing such bets at BetFred for they are going 400/1 on both of those two teams winning.

As for whether the odds on McLaren or Toro Rosso do fairly represent their chance of winning, well at 500/1 I think they do just that, moving onto the Alfa Romeo and Racing Point teams, well they are on offer at big odds of 750/1 and with Williams being the rank outsider that does of course mean the odds on that team are massive at 1000/1!

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