Super Rugby Acca Bet Suggestions

You can of course compile an Acca bet with any sporting events you like, and for those of you that have a keen interest in Super Rugby, there are plenty of matches in play tomorrow and on Saturday that are worth checking out.

Keep in mind though that due to the time zone differences, you will need to factor them into when you place your bets, and as such not only will I give you an overview below of the upcoming Super Rugby matches, I will enlighten you on the UK starting times of each of them.

Now, not all sportsbooks are going to be offering you odds on Super Rugby matches but you are in luck as our top rated BetHard betting site does, and it will be their current odds I will be quoting below, so if you spot any betting opportunities you fancy making use of then get over to that sportsbook!

Tomorrow morning at 06:35am the Hurricanes vs. Highlanders match will be starting and the money appears to be coming in for the Hurricanes as they are 5/18 favourites to win that match, and that is a bet worth including on your Super Rugby Acca bet if you are placing one.

Melbourne Rebels a Fair Bet at 4/7

At 08:45 Friday morning it will be the turn of the Melbourne Rebels and the Brumbies to take to the pitch, and all things consider it should be the Melbourne Rebels that win that match, however the odds on both teams are a tad stingy seeing as the home team are 4/7 to win and the away team are 27/20 to win!

The Crusaders vs. Chiefs match is starting at 04:15 UK time on Saturday and as for the odds on offer on that match, the Crusaders are 4/27 so they cannot possibly lose, or will they? The draw odds are 26/1 and the Chiefs are 17/4 to win that match at BetHard.

More Matches to Ponder Over

It will be at 06:35 UK time on Saturday that the Blues vs. Sunwolves will be starting and that match is one that should go to the home team if their 2/15 win odds are to be believed, for those of you who are more of the mind it will be the Sunwolves that will win then you will be tempted to take the BetHard 17/4 odds on them winning for sure.

On the 9th of March ate 08.45 you have the Waratahs vs. Reds match and if you are putting together an Acca bet then your money will be best placed on a win for Waratahs for win that match they should do consider their odds of doing so are tiny at just 2/7!

If it is the match between Lions and the Jaguares you fancy betting on which is another match on the 9th of March and one that is starting at 13:05 UK time, then you have the choice of backing the favourite team to win that being the Lions at odds of 20/73 or you can back the draw at 21/1 or place your money down on the Jaguares at 27/10.

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