St Helens Odds-On to Win the Challenge Cup

You are going to be a brave punter if you are prepared to  oppose St Helens to win this year’s Challenge Cup, for in their current form they are now the odds-on favourite to win, in fact most bookies are offering odds as low as just 5/6 on them winning that tournament.

That isn’t to say that any of the five other teams still left in the tournament have no chance whatso ever of winning, but those other teams’ chances are nowhere as great as the chances of St Helens.

If you do want to back another team though and one that has still got some value attached to them on the betting markets then you will not go too far wrong by taking your chances on Warrington, for they are in great form currently and you will be able to get odds of around the 2/1 on them winning, so that is the value bet of the day for sure.

Hull FC Still in with a Chance of Winning

You may have been put off backing the likes of St Helens or Warrington to win this year’s Challenge Cup competition, for let’s face it their current odds are not what anybody could ever call overly generous.

As such there is always the very real chance that Hull FC could go on to win the Challenge Cup in 2019, and if you think they will then get a move on to ensure that you can secure the 4/1 odds that are being offered on them to do so at a number of different betting sites.

Use a Betting Exchange to Back Bradford or Halifax

As soon as you do look at the form of each of the five teams that are involved in this year’s Challenge Cup you will probably be of the mind that the two teams that have no possible chance whatsoever of winning are Bradford and Halifax.

In fact, it’s fair to say that they are both friendless in the betting markets, for not many people have been backing either of those two teams, which has resulted in the odds attached and on offer on each of them becoming quite high in value.

There will be some punters out there though that will not be able to resist backing Bradford, and by doing so right now most bookies are going to be offering odds of around 80/1, and as for the chances of Halifax, well as they are on offer at odds of 100/1, their chances are tiny.

What I think you should be doing if you fancy backing either of those two outsiders to win, is placing your best on the Betfair betting exchange, as you will easily be able to get much higher odds than those listed, as many users of that betting exchange will be offering much higher odds on both of them to other users of that site.

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