Savvy Bets for the World Test Championship

One team that looks a good bet to win the World Test Championship is India, and if they do play up to their very best form their current outright win odds for that major and long awaited cricket tournament of 4/5 are going to look like a long distant memory soon.

Whether they are going to win that tournament or not, we will of course have to wait and see, but all things considered and taken into account they do look by far and away the very best bet you can place on that tournament for sure.

However, as sure as night follows day, there are going to be some other teams playing in that tournament that are not going to go down without a fight, and one that springs to mind is the Australia team.

In fact many punters are of the mind that if India do not play up to their very best form then it will indeed be Australia that will go on to win that World Test Championship and if you are one of those punters then you may be prepared to back them at their current odds of 11/4.

Two Teams That Also Have a Chance of Success

The odds on New Zealand are in my opinion very fair right now, for that team is not without a chance of success in this cricket tournament and if you do rate their chance of winning it you should take their current 7/1 odds much sooner rather than later.

There is always the chance that the England team could find their form this year and if so then there is always the chance they will win this tournament, and if you do think that they have any chance of doing so and wish to back them to do so you can secure odds on them to win currently of around the 8/1 mark at most bookies sites and betting shops too.

Teams That Are Friendless in the Betting Markets

You could of course fancy backing any number of teams that you feel have a fair and reasonable chance to be the winner of the next World Test Championship, and some of the teams you may just fancy backing could be the rank outsiders or those teams will a very low chance of winning that cricket tournament.

As for whether any of them will do so, well anything is possible and with that in mind let me now look at the odds attached to all of the other teams competing in the World Test Championship.

The very next team in the betting is South Africa who are a 12/1 shot right now but for how long no one knows, you can also back the likes of team such as Pakistan at 25/1 and as far as the odds attached to Sri Lanka for, they are a 50/1 and two teams no one appears to be backing right now are Bangladesh and West Indies who are both easy to back at odds of 100/1.

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