Saul Alvarez Looks Certain to Beat Daniel Jacobs

Many fans of boxing are planning on getting up bright and early this Sunday morning, for by doing so they are going to be able to tune in and watch the Saul Alvarez v Daniel Jacobs match, and it is a match that has been attracting huge volumes of cash on most bookies betting markets too.

Looking at the raw form of both boxers, it is hard to predict any other result than a win for Saul Alvarez, in fact a quick glance at any bookies betting odds on that match will see him being offered at long odds-on, of around the 1/4 mark.

Having said that though, there are always a chance that the underdog that being Daniel Jacobs could prove his critics wrong and end up winning this match, but that is something I find difficult to envisage and as for what odds are being touted on him winning this match he is very easy to back at odds of around the 16/5 mark.

Anything could of course happen in this match, and that does of course open up the possibility that the match could end in a draw, and whilst highly unlikely I just know many punters are going to be prepared to back the draw once I tell them that they can secure odds of around 18/1 on it ending that way.

Bet on the Round the Match Will End

Looking at the above match betting market, you may be inspired to look at some of the many additional betting markets that all bookies are offering on this match, and if so, there is plenty of value waiting to be mopped up on the round betting markets.

With that in mind allow me to quickly rattle through the odds available on this match ending in each group of rounds, for it to end in rounds 1-3 the odds are 9/1, rounds 4-6 could be when the match ends and the odds available on it doing so are 13/2, rounds 7-9 are a 6/1 shot, and as for the rounds 10-12 grouping that is available at 9/1. But if you think this match will go the distance then you can easily get odds of 1/2 at least at most online betting sites.

Method of Victory Betting Opportunities

There is of course always the method of victor betting markets that are bound to spark an interest in some punters, and if you think you can accurately predict not only the way this match will end but also the boxer that will win in then you could be tempted to place such a bet once you discover the odds that are on offer.

Take for example Saul Alvarez to win on Points, you are sure to find that bet particularly appealing much more so when you discover the odds attached to it are around the 5/6 mark, and you may also fancy betting on Saul Alvarez to win by a KO/TKO/DQ or a Technical Decision and that bet is a 12/5 shot.

Daniel Jacobs to win on Points may seem a little farfetched however that is a bet that does have some much higher odds attached to it and those odds for reference are 11/2, and as for Daniel Jacobs to win by a KO/TKO/DQ or even a Technical Decision you should find it fairly easy to secure odds of around 7/1 on that being the case.

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