Rugby World Cup Betting Tips

The only way you are going to get some decent winning pay-outs this week, when betting on any of the Rugby World Cup matches will be by you perming each team fancied to win together in a single accumulator type of bet.

I say that for the odds available on some of those matches are tiny and very unappealing, however you can bet on any of those matches and also place a myriad of other rugby related bets too on each match, but below for reference are the teams that are expected to win this week and their current odds too.

Australia v Georgia is a match some of you are bound to be watching later this week bit at odds of 1/80 you full not be backing the home team unless you have more money than sense, the draw odds are however 66/1  and the odds on Georgia are 18/1 which give you some idea of that teams winning chances, which are very low of course.

The same could also be said about the New Zealand v Italy match for the home team in that match have even lower odds attached to them and those odds are 1/500 the draw odds are 100/1 and you can back Italy at odds of 66/1.

England Should Easily Beat France

One tip that could just payoff is to back England who do look like they should have an easy task ahead of them against France and if you get a move on you should still be able to secure odds of  1/6 on England winning that match, and given their very obvious chance of winning that match those odds are fair enough.

Whilst the Ireland v Samoa match should be a good one to watch on TV there isn’t any value on backing the favourite to win that match, that favourite being Ireland who are on offer at very short odds of just 1/250.

More Rugby World Cup Betting Opportunities

I do like the  odds of even money that are being offered on Namibia  to beat Canada later on this week and whilst they are not the favourites to win that match they must have an outstanding chance of pulling that match out of the bag, so that is my tip for the team to back in that match.

If they play up to their current form then the USA do have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning their match against Tonga this week and by getting your skate son you should still be able to bag odds on them doing so of around the 8/5 mark.

I also like the chances of Scotland winning the Japan v Scotland match and they will be worth including in any multiple bets you place on Rugby World Cup matches this week and their win odds are 4/6 by the way.

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