Punters Eyeing Up the Super Bowl LIV Betting Markets

There is no doubt in my mind that whichever bookie you tend to use to place your bets and wagers at, they are going to be offering you odds on the Super Bowl LIV, and whilst it is quite some time away until that match will be played off there are some excellent and value packed odds available on most teams too.

Take for example the Coral betting site, they made live their early Super Bowl LIV betting market recently, and they are still offering what I feel are some very respectable odds on not only the outsiders to win the Super Bowl LIV but some of the much better fancied teams too, as you will discover below.

You could back the first, second and third favourites on the early betting markets right now and still get a winning pay-out and be in profit if any of them do win the Super Bowl LIV, as the odds attached to each of them will ensure a profit.

If that is something you fancy doing then those three teams you will need to back and their current outright winner odds are the NE Patriots at 10/3, the KC Chiefs who are a 5/1 shot and the third favourite  are the LA Rams whose odds right now are even higher at 7/1.

You Can Bet Each-Way on the Super Bowl LIV Too

You may be much more tempted to pick out an NFL team and back them each-way rather than back to them to win the Super Bowl LIV outright, and it does of course go without saying that Coral will allow you to do just that.

They are for reference paying out to the two standard places with all each-way bets  placed with them and they are paying out at odds of one half of the win odds too, so you will at least get something back even if you team doesn’t win the Super Bowl LIV but makes it through to that final game of the season.

Some Other Teams to Consider

I have nine other teams to present to you along with their current respective odds that are teams that are also attracting a fair bit of support from punters, and it wouldn’t the too much of a surprise if any of them did go on o win the next Super Bowl.

The first of those teams are the NO Saints and if you do highly rate their chances then the sooner you bet on them the sooner you will be able to secure their current outright winner odds which for reference are 10/1.

Them you have teams that do merit some further attention including the DAL Cowboys who are very easy to back at odds of 11/1, and the GB Packers at 12/1 or you may prefer to back teams such as the BAL Ravens, HOU Texans and MIN Vikings all of which are 18/1 and then you have some teams with a fair but not to great chance of winning which include the CHI Bears, LA Chargers and PHI Eagles all trading right now at big odds of 20/1.


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