Outright Winner Betting on the Indian Premier League 2019

Time is running out if you want to secure some of the bets odds that are available on teams that are part and parcel of the Indian Premier League, and there are plenty of betting sites that are currently offering their customers some very tempting odds too.

One betting site that I do feel you are going to enjoy betting at, but one that is much more importantly famed for their generous odds on all cricket matches and cricket tournaments is Betfred, and below I will enlighten you on the current state of that betting sites Indian Premier League 2019 betting market.

It is of course up to you as to just which if indeed any teams you fancy backing at this rather early stage of the betting, but as for just which teams are being backed, well there are quite a few of them and it appears that Chennai Super Kings at 3/1 are attracting the most early money.

Then you have both the Sunrisers Hyderabad and the Mumbai Indians, and both of those two teams do have some very experienced and very skilful cricketers in their respective teams and as such you may fancy backing either team and by doing so now at Betfred you can get odds of 7/2 on both of them.

Some Other Value Bets

You may fancy backing some of the other teams involved in this league and if so then one thing that will become very noticeable are the much higher odds attached to each of those other teams such as for example the Kolkata Knight Riders who are 4/1.

Just be aware though that if you are of the mind that it will be the Kings XI Punjab team that will come out on top and will win then you will be offered some even higher odds and those odds which are a fair representation of their chances of winning are 7/1.

Risky Teams to Back

You will not only have the opportunity of backing any team to win the Indian Premier League outright when you sign up and make use of the BetFred betting site, for they are also going to be offering you a range of betting odds on each individual match too.

Therefore, if you do have something of a passion for betting on cricket matches there are plenty of betting opportunities that you will be able to make use of at that betting site, however back to the outright betting market on the Indian Premier league.

There are three teams that I haven’t yet taken a look at and those teams and their respective outright winner odds include Delhi Capitals who are a solid 10/1 shot, then you have the Rajasthan Royals but their odds on becoming the top team this season are rather high in fact doubt those of the previous team and those odds are of course  20/1 and then you have the rank outsider than being Royal Challengers Bangalore at 25/1.

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