NHL Eastern Conference Winner Betting

Ice hockey is a sport that does attract plenty of fans, and there are of course plenty of betting opportunities throughout for example the NHL season.

The NHL is of course one of the major ice hockey leagues, made up of several different conferences and divisions, and you can of course place a bet on who you think the top team at the end of the season will be at any stage throughout the season, or bet on any team to win its respective conference or division.

Today I want to take a look at the current betting opportunities on the NHL Eastern Conference, as there are plenty of teams that could win that conference, but currently it is the Tampa Bay Lightning that look to be the likely champions, for they are the favourites to do so at odds of 19/10.

If you fancy taking those odds or any of the odds I will be quoting throughout today’s news story then you need to get yourself over to the BetHard sportsbook as they are offering the odds I will be quoting. As for the second favourite team to win the NHL Easter Conference that team is the Toronto Maple Leafs and their win odds are 5/2.

Mid-Priced Teams

It is true to say that most punters will be backing one of the aforementioned two teams to win the Eastern Conference, however there is still a chance any of the other teams may just improve their form for the remainder of the season and do so.

Therefore let me quickly take a look at the mid-priced teams to do so, all of whom are listed up on the BetHard betting markets. The first team are the Washington Capitals who are 7/1, followed by the Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins who are both 11/1 and another team for you to consider are the Columbus Blue Jackets who are 12/1.

Bigger Odds Lesser Chance of Winning

There are still ten other teams playing in the NHL Eastern Conference and as such I will now give you an insight as to just what odds you can secure on any of them if you fancy their respective chances of winning.

You will find that the Buffalo Sabres who do have a fair number of fans its true to say are on offer to win at odds of 14/1, then you have the Montreal Canadiens at 16/1 and then the New York Islanders who are trading at odds of 20/1.

The outsiders of which there are five include both the Florida Panthers and the Carolina Hurricane who are very easy to back right now at high odds of 40/1, followed by both the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers50/1 and then you have the licked of the New Jersey Devils and the Detroit Red Wings who are trading at huge odds of 80/1.

As for the teams that nobody or very few people fancy the chances of, well that honour goes to the Ottawa Senators who are up for grabs at massive odds of 100/1!

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