Mansionbet Review

Mansionbet review

As you are looking around our website, one thing that will not escape your notice is the range of different betting sites we have chosen to showcase, and one of the newest ones to go live is the impressive MansionBet sportsbook that offers loads of different sports betting opportunities.

When it comes to ensuring you are never missing out on the best odds and some of the most generous of sports betting promotional offers and deals, you really should ensure that you have an account at MansionBet and there are no shortages of offers and betting opportunities available to you.

Matched Deposit Bonus

Free bets are often on offer at most betting sites when you initial sign up as a new customer; however MansionBet have chosen to take a slightly different direction regarding what they give away to new customers.

What you will therefore get access to is a deposit match bonus, that when using our website links will be as high as 50% of your initial deposited amount, and as such that then give you the choice of what you place your bonus funds on, as opposed to be forced to have to bet on something the bookmaker wants you to bet on instead.

That bonus is very easy to claim, and by using our links you will qualify for it instantly, but what I would also suggest you do is to read through the terms and conditions of that bonus offer, just so you know what you will be required to do to claim and use it.

Once you have made full use of that deposit match bonus at MansionBet then make sure that you check their website daily, for there will be a nonstop range of additional bonuses then coming your way to give you the maximum sports betting value!

Easy to Use Online Betting Platform

The online betting platform at Unibet has been designed to be crystal clear and as easy to use as is possible, so do not think you are going to have to spend ages getting used to it, for that is never going to be the case.

What you will have to do once you have registered as a new customer is to use your username and your password to log into that betting platform, which you can do at any time of the night or day directly from their website.

Be aware though that there is no software to download, and no matter which web browser you prefer using you are going to be able to access their online betting platform and place any type of sports related bet in a couple of clicks of your mouse.

All bets you do place online are available in your betting log, so you can see when a bet was placed online, the amount you wagered, the odds you took and you will also be able to find out if your bet has been settled too using the unique bet identifier code which ever single individual bet struck will be allocated.

All Sporting Events Covered

Football, golf, rugby, darts in fact every possible type of sporting event held anywhere in the world is what you are going to find being  listed on the MansionBet betting platforms, and every single sporting event will have odds attached to them too.

However, one thing that I do find interesting about this betting site is the range of additional bets you can place on any type of sporting event, for you are not forced to simply have to place an outright winner bet if you fancy placing a much more exotic type of bet.

You will find so many different betting opportunities, what I would suggest you do when you fancy placing any type of sports bet, it to set aside a fair amount of time to check out all of their betting opportunities for you really are going to be spoilt for choice.

Not only can you bet before a sporting event starts, but in-play betting markets are going to become available to you once most sporting events and sporting fixture start, so you can place your bets and wagers as they are in play too!

Mansionbet on Your Mobile Phone

Let me now enlighten you on just how advanced thee MansionBet mobile betting app is, for there is of course the very real chance that you will much prefer placing all manner of different best and wagers via your mobile phone, which is something a lot of sports bettors tend to do these days.

As long as the device you wish to use has a touch screen and can of course be used to download apps then it will take you lees than a minute to get their app downloaded and then installed onto your mobile device.

Once installed you can launch the append then register as one of their new customers, but if you do already hold an online betting site account with them you can simply user your online log in details, those being your username and your chosen password to gain access to their app, and your only betting sites account balance will then be available to you on that app!

Security Features and Options

Before you do sign up to MansionBet please ensure that you are over the age of 18 and have the means to prove and verify your account too!

That will simply entail you being able to send into their security department a copy of your passport and driving license and also being able to send in a copy of one of your most recent utility bills too.

As soon as you have had your account fully verified you can then deposit whenever you like and take advantage of their rapid winning pay-outs too.

You will also have the ability of utilizing their all important gambling limit option settings, so if you do want to set limits of how much time you spend gambling at their betting sites or want to put a cap on how much you deposit and set a stop loss limit then they will be option settings you can make use of.

MansionBet do hold a full and valid UK Gambling Commission issued gambling license and that does of course mean that at all times they adhere to the most stringent of gambling laws and that all of your gambling funds held in your betting account are safe and secure too.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Let me now move onto giving you some information regarding possibly one of the most important aspects of signing up to and betting at this sports betting site, and that is regarding their banking interface and both their deposit and withdrawal options.

Now, make no mistake about it you are always going to find that MansionBet will cater for low stake gamblers and also punters that do like to risk and gamble for high stakes, so first and foremost you will have access to some very low staking options and some very high ones and everything in-between too.

All customers will have access to a plethora of different payment options to allow them to pick and chose just how they wish to deposit into their accounts and also how they would like to get paid out their winnings too and they are a fast paying sportsbook too.

The current range of payment options include all debit and credit cards, all major and popular web and e-wallets and they also offer customer payment options including bank transfers and you can also choose to deposit via prepaid cards and vouchers too.

Customer Support Services

Mansionbet reviewIn a matter of seconds at most you are going to be able to make use of the instant chat service on offer to potential and existing customers of MansionBet, and as such if you do have any questions you are looking for the answers to then make use of that instant chat facility.

However, one thing that they do have available are some very in-depth and very informative and helpful help guides and help files available throughout their betting platform and website, so if you are a little unsure about how anything works consider checking those guides and help files before contacting their support team.

But no matter when you do find yourself in need or any help, there will always be someone on duty at MansionBet and they also offer telephone support and email support too.

One other thing to be aware of is that if English is not your first language then they do offer a range of additional language options via their support team and you can also set their online or mobile betting platform and app to your chosen language setting too!

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