Latest Puppy Classic Final Betting

I will leave it up to you as to just which betting opportunities that you may fancy placing a bet over this Bank Holiday weekend, suffice to say though there is one major greyhound race that did catch my attention this morning.

That race of the annual Puppy Classic race, and if you are thinking about betting on that race then below I will give you an insight into just which greyhounds are being backed and will also take a look at their respective winning chances of winning that race below too.

The smart money has been coming in all week for Ice On Fire, and those punters who did manage to bet on that puppy early could have got odds as high as 3/1, but they did soon begin to  drop in value with 5/2 generally having been on offer, but no more, for those odds are now as stingy as just 8/11.

The only way that you are going to get any last remaining bit of value  by backing Ice On Fire is to bet on it right now, for it does look like that puppy is most punters number one choice as the most likely winner of that race.

Coral Paying One Quarter the Odds Each-Way

Those of you that fancy placing an each-way bet on the Puppy Classica final then you should be placing such bets over at the Coral betting site for by doing so you are going to be offered some much better each-way betting terms.

Those terms are such that you will be paid out on the place part of an each-way bet at one quarter the win odds if your chosen puppy finishes in first or second place and will obviously also get the full win odds on the win part of such a bet if you chosen puppy finishes in first place.

Other Odds Available

Now all that remains for you to do if you do not want to back the favourite to win, is to try and work out just which of the five other puppies have the very best chance of winning or even getting placed if you intend to place an each-way bet instead of an outright winner type of bet.

Three puppies that you will have to try and work out could poke its head up in front are Roxholme Dolly who is a 7/2 shot right now, followed in the betting by the 9/2 chance Headford Ranger and then you have Antigua Rum at 7/1

The two other puppies are friendless in the betting to be perfectly honest with you much more so the second one I am about to name, the first however is Waikiki Lad who is currently very easy to back at high odds of 4/1 and the rank and total outsider who is much more likely to finish last rather than first is Salacres Magnier and that puppy is on offer generally at odds as high as 66/1.

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