Last Chance for Cricket World Cup 2019 Betting

With now just days until we discover with two of the last four teams will make it through to the final of the 2019 Cricket World Cup, you may fancy pinning your hopes on any of those four teams and placing a bet on them.

It if fair to say except for one team, based on their current odds, three of those teams have every chance of winning that competition, and there isn’t much separating three of those teams as far as their current odds go either.

In fact, India who have been fancied to take the cup back with them this year are now the joint favourite and as such they can be backed at many a betting site and on many a betting app too at odds of 7/4, so they do look a value bet for sure.

However, as it is England that are the joint favourite all you UK based punters out the may fancy betting with your heart as well as your head on them winning and if so then those exact same odds of 7/4 are generally being offered on them winning this competition outright too.

Plenty of Additional Betting Opportunities

If you haven’t yet ventured into the cricket betting world, then you may be blissfully unaware of just how many different types of bets and wagers are going to be on offer to you on the last few Cricket World Cup matches that are still to be played off as part of this competition.

As such, please do make a point of visiting any of our feature betting sites for that way you can quickly and very easily look up the bets and wager types that are available on the last few matches left to be played out in this coemption and will probably find several of them that do appeal to you.

Australia Also Have a Chance of Winning

As you have just discovered the two joint favourites are being offered at outright winner odds of 7/4, however as the next team in the betting is being offered to win this competition right now at odds of 5/2 that may be the current value bet.

That team is of course Australia, and there is nothing stopping them winning this competition, but only if they do play up to their very best form and make it to the final game, so I certainly would not put you off betting on them if you do rate their chance of success.

You will of course be taking a chance of you choose to bet on New Zealand to win the Cricket World Cup this year, for they are not expected to make it through the semi-finals let alone go on to win the final game, but then again this is cricket after all and anything could happen, and if you are prepared to lay your money down on the New Zealand team to win then you will be happy with the 9/1 you will be offered right now.

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