Game Lines on the Utah Jazz v San Antonio Spurs Match

There has been plenty of cash coming on at various different betting sites for the NBA match tonight between Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs, and punters appear to be convinced that it will be the home team that will win that match.

Over at the BetFred betting site if there is one sports category that their betting markets are famed for offering the very highest odds on, it is their NBA betting markets that do have some very decent odds available, and on that match they are offering odds of 3/8 on the home team winning and 21.20 on the away team winning.

In fact, there are plenty of other NBA matches that will be in play tonight and one of them that should go the way of the home team is the Indiana Pacers v Cleveland Cavaliers match, however the Pacers are available at such tiny win odds not many punters are prepared to back them at 1/20!

There is however a handful of other NBA matches that do offer some much more attractive game line odds for sure and one of those matches is the Atlanta Hawks v Charlotte Hornets match on which BetFred are going 5/4 on a home team win and 4/6 on the away team winning.

Other NBA Matches worth Betting On

You can of course perm together any number of NBA teams in a single bet such as an Acca bet and with the New York Knicks v Toronto Raptors match being a match that the Raptors should win that is one team to include in such a bet and for reference their win odds are 1/6.

To give your potential winning payout a boost in value I would also advise you to take the 1/10 odds being offered on the home team in the Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Clippers as they should win that match with no real effort.

NBA Teams to Include in Your Acca Bets

The Chicago Bulls look a rock solid bet and should win their NBA match tonight against the Washington Wizards and with even money on offer on them doing so they are certainly a team to include in your Acca bets tonight.

In fact, the 5/6 odds on Memphis Grizzlies winning their match against the New Orleans Pelicans look too hard resist so they are another team to have included on your Acca bets today.

Another match on which you may have to spend some time trying to work out the likely winner of due to the odds of both team being fairly well matched is the Houston Rockets v Oklahoma City Thunder match, however all things consider I am of the mind that match will go the way of the home team at 4/5.

If you want to back a team at some very short odds-on but a team that cannot possibly lose then you should be putting your money on the Milwaukee Bucks for they are listed at game line win odds of 1/9 and they should beat Orlando Magic!

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