Futures Betting on the World Open Singles Bowls Tournament

All sports bettors are going to have an eye on the long term futures betting markets, for those are the betting markets on which they are going to find some of the best odds, much more so if they have some idea of which teams or players are going to do well in any major sporting events.

The World Open Singles Bowls Tournament may not be on the top of the list of punters must bet on events, however having said that if you do fancy placing one or two long term bets on that tournament now is the perfect time to do so.

William Hill for example are offering punters outright winner odds on all of the bowlers that are expected to take part in that tournament, and they are also paying out to two places and at one half of the win odds on the place part of each-way bets too.

Therefore, what I am going to do today is give you some ideas of just what odds are currently available, however just keep in mind that this betting market is live and as such the odds quoted below are going to be subject to change at any time, so time is of the essence if you fancy playing a bet on this tournament for sure.

Nick Brett Current Favourite to Win

It is Nick Brett that currently has the honour, if you can call it an honour, of being the early favourite to win the 2020 running of the World Open Single Bowls Tournament, and the odds William Hill are offering on him winning that event are 6/1.

All things consider that does appear to be an excellent bet to place and one that will see you locking in a profit even if you back him each way and he doesn’t win but gets placed second in that tournament.

More Tournament Winner Betting Odds

As the odds on the favourite are so high in value currently, that does of course mean that each of the other bowlers also have some high and quite impressive futures odds attached to them and a couple of 7/1 shots many punter swill fancy backing are Paul Foster and Stewart Anderson.

You can also secure odds if you are quick of 8/1 on Greg Harlow and 9/1 is also being offered right now on another fairly in-form bowler that being Alex Marshall.

The odds jump into double digits on all of the other bowlers that will if everything goes to plan be taking their chances in this major bowls tournament and those odds include 12/1 on both Mark Dawes and Robert Paxton and you can secure odds as high as 14/1 on the likes of David Gourlay and Jamie Chestney too.

A few other bowlers worth considering include the 16/1 shots those being Darren Burnett, Mervyn King, Michael Stepney and Simon Skelton, but as I say this betting market is live so you will need to act quick to get the odds mentioned above.

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