European Darts Championship Betting Opportunities

There are plenty of darts players that you can instantly cross off your list of likely winners of this year’s European Darts Champions that is starting very soon, in fact from a betting point of view there is only one player that is being backed with any degree of confidence.

Three players that are trading at big odds of 25/1 are Glen Durran, Ian White and Michael Smith however you are going to have to be a very brave punter to lay your money down on any of them for their realistic chances of winning are tiny.

In fact, when it comes to betting on this event each-way it is worth remembering and noting that most bookies are paying out at one third of the win odds on the place part of each-way bets but only to two places, so there are not many punters placing an each-way bet.

The main reason they are not doing so is down to the simple fact that Michael Van Gerwen is expected to win and win at short odds, those odds for reference are just 6/5 and with bookies paying out to just two places you are going to have to be very lucky to be able to pick out that second placed payer to get a pay-out is Van Gerwen does go on to win.

Peter Wright May Just Finish Second

However if you are determined to place an each-way bet in the hope the player you do pick wins or at the very least comes second then by far and away the most likely player to do that is Peter Wright and you will find odds are readily available on him at most betting sites of around 9/1.

Do however shop around for with some hunting around you may find one or two books out here that are prepared to give you slightly higher odds than 9/1 on Peter Wright but not many bookies are currently doing.

Cross and Price Next in the Betting

You will find the rest of the players are in double digit odds and as such there may be the chance you could fancy the chances of some of those outsiders to win.

They are Rob Cross who is up for grabs and very easy to back at his current odds of 11/1, however those odds may start to fall in value if he does well in his first few matches so do keep that in mind and then you have Gerwyn Price and he is available at slightly higher odds of 12/1.

Then you have some experienced players but players that are not expected to win or come second and they are the likes of Daryl Gurney and Mensur Suljovic both at 18/1 followed next in the betting by Dave Chisnall and Nathan Aspinall both at 20/1 and then you have the 25/1 shots who currently are Glen Durran, Ian White and Michael Smith.

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