Enhanced NFL Division Winners Betting Odds

Punters have been placing lots of early and long term bets on the upcoming NFL season, and if that is something you have been thinking about doing then today I am going to be taking a look at a set of betting opportunities most bookies sites and apps will be offering you.

That is being able to place a bet on any team playing in any Division of the NFL that you can back in the hope that they end up winning the title race for the Division, and with that in mind below you will find the current state of each of those Divisions betting markets.

You can of course place a bet on any team in any Divisions, however as far as the betting goes on the AFC East Division, it is certainly one way betting traffic for  most punters are laying into the New England Patriots who are available at odds right now of 2/9.

Another fairly short odds-on favourite but over in the NFC South Division are the New Orleans Saints and as for whether they are a value bet right now, well I will leave that up to you to decide suffice to say though that their outright win odds in that Division are just 8/13.

Cleveland Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs

I do like the odds that are currently being offered on the AFC North Division favourite for that favourite are the Cleveland Browns and with odds on them right now of 11/8 that has to be 0one of the best bets you can place right now and the one offering the most value too.

Another Division that I am sure plenty of you out there will be eager to bet on is the AFC West Division, and if you are then you cannot pick a much better team right now to come out on top and win the title race that being Kansas City Chiefs who are a rock-solid bet at odds of 8/13.

Other Division Betting Markets

Moving on onto the NFC North Division you cannot say the current favourite is a red-hot one to win, but there is no getting away from the fact that at odds of 7/4 there is plenty of value to be had right now by backing the Chicago Bears.

Another odds-on favourite is to be found over in the NFC West Division and that team is of course the Los Angeles Rams whose odds doo give you an indication of their winning chances and those odds for reference are 4/7 currently.

Finally there is of course the NFC East Division and the one team many punters have an eye on to win that title race in that Divisions are the Philadelphia Eagles whose odds are around the 10/11 mark right now.

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