Current AFC Asia Cup Futures Betting Markets

I am aware that plenty of punters out there have been latching onto Japan as the team that they feel are going to win the AFC Asia Cup, and with the odds on offer at betting sites such as Quinnbet being 7/2 on Japan those punters will be rewarded with some decent payouts if Japan do win that often overlooked football competition!

However, anything can and as you will be aware if you are an avid football fan does happen when a football tournament begins, and as such you may fancy the chances of some of the many other teams that will all be playing for the AFC Asia Cup.

The teams that have been attracting more than their fair share of support on the futures betting markets on this competition include the likes of Iran at 15/4 and also the Republic of Korea at 4/1, who quite surprisingly could go on to win it.

As for just what other teams may be in with a chance of winning, well they include Australia at 5/1 who I am aware plenty of savvy punters are placing speculative punts on, along with a couple of 8/1 shots too those being both the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Iraq are a Fair Bet at Odds of 14/1

Now, I know what you are thinking, teams such as Iraq are not exactly known for their footballing prowess, but in the AFC Asia Cup they do actually have a fair chance of winning and the odds available on them right now at Quinnbet on their futures betting market for this competition are 14/1.

Other teams that you may or may not be interested in taking a few chances with include the likes of Uzbekistan at 18/1, Syrian Arab Republic at 25/1 and the only two other teams that have any possible chance of winning in my opinion are Qatar at 28/1 and also China at 33/1 too.

Teams You Should Avoid Backing

I doubt that any other teams that I have yet to mention are going to win the AFC Asia Cup and as such it will probably be wise for you to bet on teams that are listed up above, as the winning will be up there I am fairly confident of that!

But who I am to tell you what you can or cannot bet on, and as such if you do want to place a bet which could pay off big style then you will need to back any of the outsiders and they include the likes of Thailand at 80/1, Oman and also Jordan at 100/1 or even lump onto Bahrain at 125/1.

Lebanon is on offer at some massive odds as is too are North Korea and you should have no difficulties what so ever being able to secure odds of 200/1 on either of those teams and you can also back Vietnam at 500/1 or bet on Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, India and Philippines, Yemen, Turkmenistan at 750/1 too.

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