Can England Win the 2019 Cricket World Cup?

As for just which teams are being backed heavily in this years Cricket World Cup, well as you will find out below there are two teams that punters really have been laying into, and there are some decent odds being offered by several different bookie’s sites.

BetFred for example have one of the most well balanced betting markets on this event, and as such no matter which team you think will go on to win the Cricket World Cup in 2019, if you bet with BetFred right now you will be able to secure some good odds on your chosen team to win.

Looking at the form of all teams that are going to be competing in the Cricket World Cup, well there are two teams that do stand out as having a very fair and reasonable chance of winning the first of them is England who have been backed right down to odds of just 7/4, and those odds may start to get even lower too.

The second favourite and a team that isn’t short of supporters is of course Indian, and for those of you out there that are convinced that this year will be one in which they do win the Cricket World Cup, if you get your skates on you should be able to secure win odds on India of 5/2.

Bet to Win or Each-Way

Three teams that have been attracting some support from each-way sharks include Australia who are 7/2 to win this competition, New Zealand who are solid at odds of 8/1 and the West Indies whose odds are around the 9/1 mark.

Just keep in mind the best each-way betting terms will see you getting paid out to two places and you should not take each-way betting terms that see you getting paid out lower than one half of the win odds on those two places either.

Take a Chance on an Outsider

Foe those of you out there that cannot resist backing teams to win the Cricket World Cup that are being offered at some much bigger odds, well just keep in mind that they are being offered with those much higher odds for a reason, that being those teams have very little chance of success.

However, at the end of the day it is your hard earned money you will be betting with and if you do fancy backing teams such as Pakistan to win odds of 20/1 are there for the taking, in fact the odds on teams such as South Africa are even higher at 40/1.

There is also a chance but a very slim chance that one of the complete and rank outsiders on the early betting markets and futures betting markets could go on to win, and the teams that are friendless in the betting currently include the likes of Bangladesh at 100/1, Sri Lanka at 200/1 and Afghanistan who are there for the taking at odds as high as 500/1.

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