Betting Update on the Baseball World Series

It has been quite some time since I cast my eyes over the Baseball betting markets, and today that is what I am going to be doing, and below you will find a betting update on the Baseball World Series, which may of you out there may be about to bet on.

There are some teams however that are attracting plenty of support on most bookies long term betting markets on that competition, and as far as the one team most if not all bookies have chalked up as the favourite to win it this year are the LA Dodgers at 11/4.

However, I think it’s very fair and true to say that anyone that does have a passion for betting on baseball will always have their own options as to just which teams they fancy and will be willing to bet on so let me know look at some other teams that could be worth a punt on right now.

You will find the NY Yankees at 333/100 are the second favourite to win the 2019 Baseball World Series outright, and then you have teams like the HOU Astros at 7/2 who are the third favourite team to win it followed by the ATL Braves who do look a very fair and reasonable bet too at their much better and higher odds of 7/1.

Bet to Win or Place and Each-Way Bet

You could be of the mind that the favourite team is going to win the Baseball World Series this year, but will be put of backing them due to their odds not being what you could call huge currently, but you will also have each-way betting opportunities too on that betting market.

When you set about placing an each-way bet one half of that bet will be an outright winner bet on the team you have selected, with the other half of that bet covering that team to also finish in first or second spot, and most bookies will pay out at one half of the win odds on the second part of an each-way bet.

Teams with a Slight Chance of Success

The bigger the odds attached dot any Baseball; team right now, the lower the chance they will of course have of winning the Baseball World Series this year, but anything can and often does happen in that sport so let me now look at some of the less fancied teams.

Those teams include the MIN Twins at 9/1, and then you start getting into double digit odds with some of the many other teams involve in this coemption and they include the likes of CHI Cubs at 16/1 who some of you out there may just fancy the chances of and may be willing to back each-way.

Then you have the MIL Brewers at 18/1 and two other teams that could have a great season include BOS Red Sox and TB Rays and you can back either of them to win the Baseball World Series at odds of 20/1.

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