Betting Opportunities on the Real Madrid vs Arsenal Match

I wouldn’t be in too much of a rush to place a bet on tomorrow’s match between Real Madrid and Arsenal, for if you do not spend some time hunting around for the best possible odds on that match you may end up getting short-changed.

With that in mind and to help you get your head around just which are the best betting opportunities on that match and what the best odds on each possible outcome are too, below I will give you an overview of just that, so do read on and then work out just which best and wagers you do fancy placing on that match, if any at all.

The most basic of bet you can place on this match is of course going to be found on the match betting market and with three possible outcomes on offer on that betting market you have a one in three chance of success of course.

The odds available on Real Madrid do however give you an insight into their winning chances in this match, for they are chalked up at most betting sites at odds of even money, the draw odds are not that spectacular at 11/4, and as for what odd you can currently bag on Arsenal winning, well they are a 11/5 at most bookies sites.

Will Real Madrid and Arsenal Both Score?

I think when it comes to whether both teams are going to score a goal in this math at some point in time in the 90 minutes of standard play time, there must be a very good chance that they will both do so.

If that is a view that you share then consider betting on the both teams to score betting markets as by doing so you can take the yes options at odds of 2/5, and whilst those odds are rather low that does look like a bet that should pay off, and as for the no bet option, well you could take that bet and by doing so you should get offered odds of at the very least 7/4 on it.

Will the Most Goals be Scored in the First Half?

You will also be offered at a handful of betting sites a betting opportunity on which you have to predict whether the most goals will be scored in either the first half of the match, the second half of the match or whether the same number of goals will be scored in both halves of the match instead.

I will however leave it up to you to decide whether you to want to place a bet on that betting market, but I will now give you a quick insight and overview of the odds attached to each of the three betting opportunities available on that betting market.

Those are the draw at odds of 11/4, the first half to be the one with the most goals scored is on offer at odds of 21/10 and the second half odds are 10/11.

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