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top uk betting site

When it comes to picking out a betting site that you are likely to be an active customer of for many years to come, you need to seriously need to consider betting at such a site as Betfred, for they are the largest independent bookmaker in the UK and the man behind the company has been involved in betting all his life.

As such if anyone knows what a sports bettor does look for and demand from any sites they sign up to and bet at it is Fred Done, and in case you are wonder Fred is the owner of Betfred, but you may have already guessed that from the name of the company.

Being licensed in the UK and having recently applied for and having been granted licenses to operate in many other countries of the world too, even if you are not a UK citizen you are still going to find that there is a good chance you can become a new customer of either the Betfred betting app or betting site.

But make no mistake about it, no matter whether you choose to bet via his state of the art app or his online betting platform when it comes to the often-missing little extras never found at other betting sites you will find them on offer at Betfred!

top uk betting site

Betfred is the Punters Friend

As one of the many new customers that signs up to Betfred each day, you are going to be able to get an added incentive to sign up right now and that bonus comes in the form of a series of free bets, of which our exclusive one will see you getting £30 when you deposit £10.

Unlike other sportsbooks that are going to force you to have to abide by some very strict rules when placing your bonus welcome free bets, Betfred has only got in place a small number of such rules, and that in turn makes their bonuses always worth claiming.

It is not just a one off welcome bonus you will qualify for when you do sign up and become one of their players, for they have lots of ongoing bonuses, and promotional offers that have been designed to reward your loyalty and give you plenty of extra winning opportunities too.

User Friendly Betting Platforms

As a very forward-thinking gambling company, Betfred tend to do thing ever so different than other betting sites and companies, and what I do urge you to checkout is their unique standard alone betting app for it is one of the best ones I have ever come across.

Betfred have shares in an app design company in the North West of the UK and as such they have the best brains at their disposal so that their app can offer a range of different features that other betting apps do not.

They do of course also offer a standard betting platform, if you can call it standard, to anyone wishing to place sports bets and wagers online as opposed to using their mobile devices as the way that they place their bets.

To be honest though it doesn’t matter which betting platform you choose to make use of you are always going to find you can place any value of sports bet you do fancy placing and will always be able to claim the numerous ongoing promotional offers and deals they make available to their customers on an ongoing basis!

Trusted the World Over for Fast Winning Pay-Outs

One thing that Fred Done knowns only too well, is that you must keep your customers happy and contented if you want them coming back for more and keeping his customers happy is something he always strives to do.

One thing that you will find Betfred do offer every single one of their customers, no matter in what country of the word they are based, is fast timely winning pay-outs, Betfred has no need or desire to hold onto your withdrawals for any longer than they need to, and as such you will find they always do pay-out quickly.

To enable their clients to get paid out quickly they offer the most comprehensive range of different payment options, so not only is making a deposit going to be quick and easy, when you win and cash out your winnings you will have plenty of choice regarding how you can receive those pay-outs.

But if you live in the UK for example then I would urge you to use a debit card as the main way you fund your betting account at Betfred, as by doing so your never have to wait for your deposits to be processed and show up in your account, as they are done so instantly and in real time, and you will also find you can get paid out your winnings rapidly back to the bank account your credit card is linked up to.

If you want to use a prepaid vouchers of a prepaid debit card then those two options will be available to you, and you can also use any of the many different web wallets and e-wallets, including, if you are based in the UK PayPal too!

For more information on their deposit limits, pay-out limits and for an overview of just how long they take to pay-out dependent on which withdrawal option you have chosen to utilize, please visit their website and follow the links to their banking pages.

Keep in mind too that if you do open a betting account with Betfred and you then want to gamble at any of his other fully branded betting sites, you can move money out of your betting account and into any of those other accounts instantly, so you are not forced to have to make a fresh deposit if you do fancy playing a few games of chance such as casino games or even poker games.

No matter how much you win, I can guarantee that Betfred will always pay you out your winnings and with a smile too!

Bet on Everything You Can Think Of

It is true to say that back in the early days when Betfred launched, they specialised in taking greyhound and horse racing bets, but as the years have ticked by the extended to such a degree that you can now bet on any sporting event you wish to place a bet on.

In fact, their website and odds compilers are available around the lock and as such no matter what time of the day or night you log onto their betting platform either their online or mobile platform you are going to find the very latest odds on every worldwide sporting event that is about to take place.

They also offer some long-term betting opportunities and are famed for offering some of the best valued and highest betting odds on all their ante post betting opportunities, so if you are prepared to bet in advance of any major sporting event you are going to get plenty of value.

They have also very recently launched a lottery betting site too, and you can bet on many different lotteries around the globe, and the odds that will be available on that betting platform are the highest anywhere in the world, if you don’t believe go and look.

But you will of course have your own personal preferences as to what you want to bet, on and when but make no mistake about it Betfred are one of the bets run and operated and most generous of betting sites when it comes to customer loyalty promotional offers and deals!

Bigger Betting and Pay-Out Limits

It is always advisable for you to set your own betting and gambling limits no matter what type of gambling activities you are thinking of having online or via a mobile app, and that is going to be easy to do at Betfred.

You can, as soon as you log into your account, set the amount you wish to deposit, lose and gamble with on one or more gambling sessions, so you will always be in full control of your own destiny as one of their customers.

If you bet small or gamble for much higher amounts, then be aware that they do also have low to high betting limits on every single betting market they make available to their customers so at no point are you going to be forced or must bet for more than you are comfortable with.

Also, be aware that if you do win big Betfred are more than able to pay out very large sums of money very quickly, and in fact that is something they do on a day to day business.

You can check out on their website to see a listing of some of their very largest winnings, and each one of them will have bene paid out those winnings quickly, you owe it to yourself only to bet at sites such as Betfred for they do truly value each of their customers.

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