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It does take something special for me to get excited about an online or mobile betting site. For over the years I have checked out hundreds of them, and to be perfectly honest what I do tend to find out when doing so is that most betting sites these days tend to offer everything other such sites offer.

Therefore to come across a sportsbook that has something completely unique on offer is rare; however that is exactly what I did discover when putting BetBull through its paces recently.

Firstly, I should enlighten you on the fact that you are only going to be able to access the BetBull betting markets via their fully downloadable app, for they have made the rather unusual decision to only offer a betting app as opposed to an online betting platform!

However, whilst you will find out below everything that do offer by way of betting bonus and promotional offers, what does make BetBull completely unique is their community aspect of their app.

What they are going to be offering you is a way for you to communicate and interact with other users of their betting app, and as such you can get advice on how to bet and receives betting tips from experienced and much more importantly successful sports bettors and will have no end of ways to bring your sports betting activities to life, read on for I do think you will be impressed by what BetBull will be offering you!

Bigger and Better Bonuses and Promotional Offers

As you are going to become part of a community of sports bettors when you sign up to Bet Bull, there will always be a lot of discussion about any offers and deals that betting site is giving away, and as such that is something you can use to your advantage.

New customers do of course get access to their sign up welcome bonus offer, and to discover for yourself just how generous it is and to be in a position to claim it, make sure that you click through any of our BetBull links to take you to their website.

The terms and conditions of every single offer and deal that BetBull give away to their customers has been designed to be as fair and generous as is possible, if they are not you can bet your bottom dollar that their customers will be talking about them!

There are not just new customer offers available at BetBull, for the operators of that betting site do know that the only way that they are going to keep their customers loyal is by offering plenty of going offers and deals too.

I am more than confident that as soon as you do read through the terms and conditions attached to any of their offers and bonus deals you are going to be impressed with how they have been designed, and they are always going to allow you to get plenty of additional winning opportunities if you do decide to make use of any of them!

No Online Betting Platform!

It really may sound strange that you are not going to be able to place bets and wagers via an online betting platform at BetBull, that is going to be the case and there are several reasons why they have chosen not to go down the route of offering their customers an online betting platform!

More and more people are using their mobile phones these days and as such it can often be quite expensive for a betting site to offer their customers both an online betting platform and a mobile betting app.

By doing away with an online betting platform BetBull can concentrate their efforts on just their mobile betting app and offer much better odds upon it as they are not using up vast amounts of cash offering an online betting platform that most punters do not tend to use these days anyway.

They are also able to offer lots of additional built in features on their mobile betting app that could not be offered on an online betting platform, and as it is expected to be the case that the very highest number if punters are going to be using mobile phones and tablet devices to place bets in the future they have chosen an online betting platform is not something that wish to offer.

You can of course sample the delights of their betting app at any time by downloading into onto any touch screen mobile device, and below you will find more information on how that app works too.

Highly Advanced BetBull App

Trust me when I say you will never have seen or used a betting app as highly advanced as the one that is going to become available to you when you make the smart and wise decision of becoming a customer at BetBull, for it is at the end of the day the only betting platform they have on offer.

No expense has been spared in ensuring that betting app is jam packed full of advanced features and option settings that you are never going to find available at any other betting sites, and it is surprisingly a very compact app too, so won’t be taking up much space on your mobile device.

You can, as I have mentioned above, fully interact with other users of that betting app too, which is certainly a very unique feature, and one that many punters do enjoy using, especially when they are after some pointers of the much more successful and profitable punters as too what they should be placing their bets on of course.

I would urge you to download and install that betting app sooner rather than later, even if you do not fancy placing a sports related bet yet as by doing so you will see how it works once you have registered as a new customer which is free and easy to do.

Multiple Payment Methods

You are never going to have to jump through any hoops if you do want to fund your account with BetBull for they have a completely streamlined and of course very highly secure banking interface that you can make use of.

As for just how you are going to be able to fund your account, well as no punter is ever going to want to see their deposits being eaten up with fees and additional charges, you will find loads of different payment option available.

Those payment options will all be processed in real time so you are never going to have to wait for any deposited funds to show up in your betting account with BetBull, and to ensure they do cater for all levels of punters they also offer low valued deposit option and high valued ones too.

As long as you are over the age of 18 and can send into them if required copies of your identification documents so that they can verify your account, then you are going to be good to go and can open an account in a matter of seconds, funds your account and place a bet.

As far as just how long you are going to have to wait to receive your winnings, well as long as your account has been fully verified they will always pay you out any and all winnings, no matter how small or large at lightning speed!

Other Reasons to Bet at BetBull

It has to be the unique mobile betting experience that BetBull offers all of their customers that will appeal to you, for no longer is betting going to be a solitary thing to do and you are always going to be able to discuss tactics and potentially profitable betting opportunities with other users of that app.

I like the fact also that they offer an around the clock customer support service, which does ensure that you are going to be able to get any question answered and also much more importantly answered quickly at any time of the day or night.

You only have to see for yourself just how any punters have already signed up to BetBull and use their betting services daily to realise they are doing something right!

As I have said above, it will cost you nothing to download their state of the art betting pp and sign up to use it, and that is something I would actively encourage you to do and do sooner rather than later to be in a position to check out and see for yourself just what their betting app has to offer you.

I think you are going to be very hard pressed to find a betting app that offers everything that the one from BetBull will be offering you and as they are also fully licensed and regulated too you are certainly never going to have any problems when using their betting app that cannot and will not be rectified rapidly, so give them a try is my advice!

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