Bet Now on the Superbowl LIII

Gone have the days when the only betting opportunities available to you on the Superbowl were a simple betting market on which you had to try and pick the winner of that match, however you can still do that of course at any betting site.

But for you to have an added bit of excitement on that final match of the season, I would like you to take a look at each of the following Superbowl LIII betting markets available to you over at the Quinnbet betting site as you are bound to find them of great interest if NFL is your favourite sport and you do enjoy betting of course!

It has been long thought by avid fans of NFL that both the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams would make it through to the final game, and that is what they have both done, however you now have to pick just which team is going to win.

The New England Patriots are ever so slightly the favourite to win that match and as such if you get your stakes on you will be able to secure odds on them winning that match of 8/11, the Los Angeles Rams are of course in with a very good chance of winning that match too and their odds reflect their chances at 21/20.

Take the 1st Half Moneyline

As for just which additional betting opportunities are going to be available to you at betting sites such as Quinnbet, well you can of course choose to take the 1st half moneyline on either team and if that does interest you allow me to give you an idea of the odds on offer.

Well, the odds that Quinnbet are currently offering on the first half moneyline couldn’t be fairer for they have the New England Patriots on offer at 17/20 and the Los Angeles Rams also on offer at 17/20 too.

Alternative Total Points Betting Markets

As for the under over points betting markets, well once again Quinnbet come out on top regarding the odds available, and below I will give you a quick insight into just how generous those odds are.

Let me start with the over points betting markets, as I am confident you will have your own views as to just how many points will be scored in the Superbowl this year.

The first option is one that is a good bet to be honest and that is the Over 53.5 points total for the odds available on that are 8/15. Then you have the Over 59.5 bet on which odds of 11/10 are up for grabs and also the Over 61.5 for those of you who think it will be a high scoring match is up for grabs with odds of 7/5.

The under betting markets are just as generous regarding the available odds and they include the Under 53.5 bet which returns odds of 11/8, the Under 59.5 bet with odds of 4/6 and finally the Under 61.5 bet which has odds of 8/15 available upon it.

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