Best Odds on the German Grand Prix Race Winner

All eyes will be on the German Grand Prix tomorrow, and it is probably going to be a sporting event that you intend to watch, and if you are a fan of betting on such events, then you probably have already laid your money down on the driver you think will win.

There isn’t much value to be had though if you want to bet on the favourite to win that race, as you will discover below, so it may be worth your while trying to work out if any other driver could win, for by backing them right now some much bigger odds will be available on all other drivers bar the favourite to win it.

As for just what the odds are on the current favourite who is of course L. Hamilton well he is a tad shorter than even money at most bookies sites and as such I don’t think that it is going to prove too difficult for you to find a bookie offering you odds of him winning of 4/5.

You may be much more of the mindset that it will be V. Bottas that comes out on top and wins the German Grand Prix this year, and there are no shortages of betting site and betting apps out there that are going to be giving you access to odds of 7/2 on him winning.

More Fancied Drivers to Consider Backing

I would say that there are five drivers that have a reasonable chance of winning, and the two most obvious drivers are the first and second favourites listed up above, but their respective win odds are not what any punter would call value packed that’s for sure.

With that in mind you may be prepared to back any of the other three drivers that are high up the betting markets, and if that is something that you are prepared to do to bag some much better odds, then you should be thinking about backing the likes of C. Leclerc at 6/1 or either S. Vettel and M. Verstappen at 13/2.

Very Risky German Grand Prix Bets

It never surprises me when punters are prepared to back any of the outsiders to win races such as this one, but to be fair if nothing else they are going to be able to secure some hefty odds on any of the much lesser fancied drivers but are unlikely to see a winning pay-out coming their way when backing an outsider.

As for which other drivers are going to be taking part in the German Grand Prix this year and just what odds are attached to each of them, well you have drivers such as P. Gasly at 125/1 followed by drivers like D. Ricciardo, L. Norris, C. Sainz and R. Grosjean, N. Hulkenberg and K. Raikkonen at 750/1 and then the complete outsiders are D. Kvyat, S. Perez, R. Kubica, A. Albon, L. Stroll, A. Giovinazzi, K. Magnussen and G. Russell all of whom are offered at odds of 1000/1 at most betting sites and bookies shops.

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