Best Odds on the Australian Grand Prix

I just know that many of you are going to have planned a day watching the Australian Grand Prix on the 17th of March, and quite a lot of you are also going to be placing a few bets on the many different betting markets available on that event too.

Those of you that fancy backing the driver you think is going to win the Australian Grand Prix should be checking out the current futures betting market that is on offer over at the BetFred betting site for they are offering the Ferrari driver S. Vettel at 15/8 and that has to be the best bet of the day!

However, you may just have your own ideas as to just which driver you think is going to win and if the above player is not at the top of your list of potential drivers you think will win you can of course back any of the other drivers, who are available at some much higher odds of course right now.

Take for example the Mercedes driver L. Hamilton there will be plenty of fans of his who think he will take this race in his stride and as for the odds on offer on him winning BetFred have him chalked dup at odds of 9/4, and there is also the very real chance that the other Ferrari driver C. Leclerc could win and he is available at odds of 5/2.

Next 3 Drivers in the Betting

The risks are of course going to be higher if you choose to bet on any of the next three drivers in the betting, however there is always the chance one of them could win the Australian Grand Prix at some huge odds.

The next three drivers that are listed on the betting market for this event over at the BetFred betting sites are the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen whose odds are 15/2, next is the Mercedes driver V. Bottas and his win odds are 12/1 and then you have another Red Bull driver that being P. Gasly who is currently listed as a 40/1 shot.

Massive Odds available on the Rest of the Drivers

If you are prepared to throw caution to the wind and back any of the other drivers that are going to be lining up and taking their respective chances in the Australian Grand Prix then there are some mega sized odds on offer to you.

On offer currently at huge odds of 250/1 and the two Renault drivers N. Hulkenberg and D. Ricciardo and you are also going to be big odds on drivers such as the two Haas drivers R. Grosjean and K. Magnussen along with the out of form Alfa Romeo driver K. Raikkonen for all three of them can be backed at odds of 300/1 at BetFred!

As for some other massive priced drivers, well at 400/1 you have the McLaren driver C. Sainz and you can also back Toro Rosso driver at odds of 500/1 and that driver for reference is A. Albon   and his team mate D. Kvyat is also on offer at those huge odds too!

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