Acca Bet Possibilities for Saturdays Ligue 1 Matches

We all dream of placing a huge paying Acca bet, however you do of course always need to have chosen the football teams that are going to win and at the best odds to get the best possible payouts from any football Acca bets you have placed.

This news story is going to be presenting you with each of the Ligue 1 matches that are being played tomorrow and I will be giving you my own predictions as to just what the most likely outcome in those matches should be, and it is BetHard that you should place your bets at to secure the odds quoted below by the way.

I like the look of the away team to win in the Nice vs. Bordeaux match that will be in play tomorrow afternoon, and you will probably come to the same conclusion that they are going to win when you look at the form of both teams too.

BetHard have actually put up a fair set of odds on that match and as such if you do for whatever reason think that Nice will win you can bag odds of 5/4 on them doing so and can also back the draw at 11/5, but the best bet will be an outright win for Bordeaux at 27/10.

St. Etienne Booked for a Win

No matter how hard you look at the Guingamp vs. St. Etienne match that is going to be kicking off this Saturday there is no way in the world that you can see the home team winning that match or that the match ends in a draw.

That simple fact is of course reflected in the odds that you are going to be offered by betting site such as BetHard for they are going 2/1 on Guingamp winning that match and are offering draw odds of 9/4, but by following the smart money and backing St. Etienne the bets odd you can hope for are 31/20.

Back Both Paris St-Germain and Nimes

You are certainly going to have to perm the favourite to win the Amiens vs. Paris St-Germain match tomorrow with a few other teams if you want to get a decent sized payout, for that team is of  course  Paris St-Germain and their win odds are just 4/23.

So whilst they are expected to win you will have to lump on them with some hefty stakes if you do want to win big, or as I mention include them in a few different Acca bets or multiple bets as those short odds will ever so slightly increase your potential winning payout.

The most likely winning team in tomorrow’s Nimes vs. Angers match are Nimes and if you act quickly you should be able to back them at fair odds of 11/10, and as for the chances of a draw in that match well you can bet with BetHard and back the draw at 49/20, or if you prefer the outsider to win then you can back Angers at odds of 27/10 instead.

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