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The world of sports betting is changing, and whilst many of those changes are for the better some of them are sadly not, but everybody with an interest in sports and sports betting does need to know what those changes are and how they will affect them too!

Due to the way and the sheer ease at which it is possible to place a sport related bet these days I felt the time was right to put together a team of writers who can pass on their experience of sports betting to educate everyone who may be thinking of placing a sports bet for the very first time.

Therefore, what you are going to find as you look around this website is a whole host of sports betting related articles and guides, and each day of the week we also update this website with all the very latest sport betting related news stories too.

So, if you do want to keep your finger on the pulse so to speak and always know just what betting opportunities are going to be available to you I would suggest you bookmark this website and check back each day as there will always be something new for you to read through!

Betting sites, betting exchanges and mobile sportsbooks are of course all the rage these days, and there are now more people betting online and via their mobile apps than place bets and wagers in land-based betting venues.

With that in mind you are going to find plenty of fully licensed and regulated betting sites are listed and showcased throughout this website, however our team have checked out each of those betting sites and apps and have put them through their paces to ensure they will all live up to your very highest of expectations, and as such each of them comes highly recommended.

One thing that you do of course need to always be fully aware of is that you are not going to win every single time you place any type of sports related bet, unless of course you are amazingly luck.

As there is the chance that you could lose I would also urge you set yourself some limits as to just how much you are prepared to risk when gambling online or betting via a mobile betting app, as that way you will negate the possibility of you losing money you can ill afford to lose.

Most betting sites and apps will now permit you to log into your account and before you start to bet set your won betting limits for the day, week or even month, and I would strongly advise you make use of those betting limit settings to help you stay in control.

But if you do feel that your sport betting activities have got out of control, then please do contact a gambling problem support charity such as Gamblers Anonymous or GamCare, and by doing so they can offer completely free and confidential help and support to anyone that is affected by a gambling related problem.