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With so many different sportsbooks, betting sites and bookmaker’s sites available, you may have been struggling to find one that offers you everything you look for from such a site, and if that is the case I think you read should through the following review of 12bet as they are a popular sportsbook with all serious sports punters!

All the betting sites that I have reviewed throughout this website do have something unique to offer you, which could be the platform you will be accessing to place you bets and wagers, the promotional offers or even the betting opportunities available to you too.

However, when you weigh up everything that 12bet has on offer and compare their unique features and aspects with what you will find available at other betting sites you will see why so many people do trust 12bet as their preferred betting site and one they return to regularly.

At the end of the day though it is your choice as to whether you bet, so how about reading through this review and then checkout some of my additional ones, as that way you are going to be able to find you perfect betting site and one that offers you everything you look for and demand from such a site too.

We Invite You to Claim Our 12bet Free Bet!

Matched bets are always worth checking out, and to celebrate the fact that 12bet have now become one of our featured betting sites, if you are quick you are going to be able to claim a £35 free bet when you sign up and place an initial real money bet.

The terms and conditions associated with that offer can be found over on their website, and one thing I just know you will want to do when you compare them to the terms and conditions attached to other betting sites free bets, is claim it!

But keep in mind that as they are going to value you custom, you are going to find a very steady stream of ongoing bonuses becoming available to you, so for the ability to have more bets and possibly more winning pay-outs then you should give 12bet a try today!

Betting Made Simple

You are of course going to want to be able to place your bets and wagers quickly and with no messing about, and that is one of the main attractions of using the 12bet betting platform, you can log in, find a bet and have it placed in just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

As you have come to expect from out fully approved betting sites you are also going to find that all bets and wager you do place on any sporting events have a full audit trail, so you can see the time the bets were placed, the value, the odds taken and your selection.

When each individual sporting event has concluded and is offer and the results known as bets are settled automatically on that betting platform, and any winnings you achieve are then added to your account. The same can be said of their mobile gaming platform too.

When using their mobile betting app each of the bonuses and promotional offers available on their standard online betting platform as also available to you, and there are no compromises to be made as you can place the same types of bets on the app too.

Instant Deposits and Rapid Withdrawals

It can often feel like you are watching paint dry when you have won any amount of cash at some betting sites, put in a request to get paid out those winnings and then are forced to have to wait days or weeks to receive your winnings in full, by the payment method you have selected.

Therefore, if you are at the point in your betting career when you are no longer prepared to put up with long and drawn out withdrawals then I really do urge you to start betting at 12bet, for they have totally streamlined the banking system which allows all customers to benefit from rapid winning pay-outs and with no delays.

You will of course also be looking for a betting site that can and does have plenty of ways for you to make a deposit too, and with that in mind spend some time looking over the list of available methods of both depositing and withdrawing your winnings on the 12bet website and you will be impressed by just how many they do have available.

Multi-currency account settings will also be on offer to you, so do not think you are going to be forced to have to deposit and then gamble in any other currency than the one you use at home.

There are no additional fees to pay when you do make a cash out of any amount using any of their preferred withdrawal options either, which is worth knowing for some betting sites will charge you a small fortune simply for cashing out your winnings, which is something no serious sport bettor should put up with.

I do want to also point out that 12bet do cater for low and high-volume customers, meaning if you only wish to bet small modest amounts then you will be more than welcome to do so but if you are a high rolling sports bettor you will have plenty of opportunities to bet big, and will not find your bets being restricted if you do bet big and win!

All in all, though the entire banking interface at 12bet has been designed with punters in mind and is highly safe and secure too, on both their mobile and online banking interfaces.

By the way, you will find there are the same types of payment options on offer to you, so you will not only find a limited number of them on the betting apps banking interfaces which is something you often will experience when betting via an app at other sportsbooks and bookmakers!

No Trust Issues with 12bet

It is very true to say that when you do come across a sportsbook that you have never heard of or come across before and one that isn’t an operator of land-based brick and mortar betting shops or sportsbooks, you may feel a at wary about betting t such site.

However, I do want you to be fully aware of the fact that as a licensed and regulated betting site all your betting funds held in your account are ringfenced and segregated, which means in the unlikely event of 12bet going out of business your funds are always safe.

I do have to say however the chances of them going out of business are very slim, for since they launched the have rapidly expanded to the point they now have a huge and ever-growing customer base.

You do also have the ability of making use of a range of responsible gambling limit settings when you do log into your betting account, either your mobile or online one, so if you do want to negate the chances of you gambling more than you ever intended to then make use of those option settings!

If I was forced to give 12bet a score out of ten, I would give them a very well earned 9 out of 10, but the proof of the pudding as they always say is in the eating so do consider signing up, claiming our exclusive betting bonus and then placing a few bets with them, to see what you make of them!

Customer Care and Ongoing Promotional Offers

12bet online betting siteIf you have any problems opening an account, making a deposit or a withdrawal or even placing a bet then fear not as you are always going to have help on hand at 12bet as their support team work around the clock and can be contacted in many ways.

However, having put 12bet to the test several times, I am happy to report I never did experience any type of problem and all deposits I made went through and were processed instantly and they do pay-out quickly too.

One of the many added bonuses of signing up to a range of different betting site is that you are always going to have available different promotional offers at each of the sites you have signed up to.

Even if you do not want to make use of some of them it is always good to know you are being rewarded for your loyalty and gambling action, which is something you will be at 12bet.

What you should however consider doing is opening accounts at several of our featured and approved betting sites or by making use of their sign-up bonuses in an optimal way you can often hedge them against each other on the sporting event or event you want to bet on, and that can often result in your guaranteeing a winning profit on one of those hedge bets no matter what the outcome is!

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